Welcome to Berry Patch Academy

We are not just creatives, We are a community!

Would you like access to new courses monthly? 

Do you need a community of sweet makers to vent about dealing with an upset customer? 

Need to be held accountable to achieve your goals in your sweets business?

I know it’s tough to find a Sweets Community that UNDERSTANDS your passion and problems and helps you grow in it. But this is why the Berry Patch Academy was created…
#1 community created for treat makers and bakers to network, grow, and learn new techniques every month!

What is Berry Patch Academy?

An exclusive group specifically designed for treat makers who desire to build their business and grasp new techniques. They are consistently held accountable to perfect their social media strategies and become more profitable.

This Academy is for the Treat Maker who:

  • Wants to learn trending and advanced creations
  • Feels stuck, and are ready to move forward in your sweets business
  • Desires to take their business to new heights, creatively and financially.
  • Needs fresh new tutorials monthly on business and sweets
  • Knows that accountability is important to achieve your goals
  • Desires to network and build friendships with driven treat makers

This Academy is NOT for the Treat Maker who:

  • Is complacent with displaying their talents as a hobby 
  • Community interaction is just not “your thing”
  • Does not care about profitability 
  • Has no desire to grow with others through networking
  • Is content with mediocrity

Why Join the Berry Patch Academy 

  • Experience Two (2) Monthly virtual meetings via Zoom with an active, engaged community of treat makers growing together. 
  • Exclusive App Access
  • Accountability posts and LIVE sessions to keep you motivated
  • Coaching on Social Media Strategies and Profitability
  • Judge-Free, Supportive, and Inviting Community
  • Price Perks and First Look at products inside the Berry Patch Sweet Shop
  • Daily community interactive posts to keep you excited and engaged about you sweets business
  • Life Changing Opportunities to collaborate with likeminded treat makers
  • Exclusive Training Sessions from Guest Instructors in and out of the Sweets Community 

Featured Courses

With over 60 Hours of Treats and Business Education within the Berry Patch Academy Vault here are just some of the featured tutorials taught by Ashley and Guest Experts: 
  • Candy Apples 
  • Cakesicles Basics and Advanced 
  • Sugar Cookies Recipe and Royal Icing 
  • Intermediate Cake Pops 
  • Caramel Apples 
  • Strawberry Shortcake Popcorn 
  • Chocolate Covered Pineapples 
  • Cricut 101: Cake and Cupcake Toppers 
  • Introduction to Canva: Creating Flyers 
  • Creating LLC’s and Trademarks 
  • Social Media Training: Content and Target Audience 
  • Pricing Products Workshop 
  • Picture Presentation: Lighting and Staging your Creations

Membership Type

The Berry Patch Academy is a monthly membership with an exclusive community we guarantee you will love!

Thrive with us for just $37 per month  

The Berry Patch Academy is 100% risk-free, so even if you check it out and decide that a sweets community with monthly live and guest experts, and over 60 tutorials aren’t the place for you — just cancel. 
No commitment is needed.

Daily Dose of Sweet

This is our daily community interaction! 

In addition to you being able to post your questions, interact with the group with daily discussions: 

Monday: How’d the Weekend Go? 

Tuesday: Help Zone 

Wednesday: Sweet Fam Check 

Thursday: Sweet Victory 

Friday: Treat of the Week 

Saturday: What ya dippin? 

Academy Testimonials

About Ashley Danielle

Owner of the Berry Patch Academy…

Known as the Master of Chocolate, Ashley is the owner of the Berry Patch Brand!

She began her sweets business 7 years ago, after being fired from a well-known Chicago Hospital due to my son having multiple seizures. Yep, those FMLA days were not in her favor. 

In the midst of losing her job, she stumbled across my purpose. Treat Making is her passion! She’s the mompreneur who loves everything sweets-related and is determined to give the Sweets Community the guidance plus empowerment that she couldn’t find when she was building her business.

The Berry Patch Academy continues to grow to new heights and we want you a part of the journey! Here you will have no choice but to grow in business, community, and skill (so get ready for me to push you to excellence)!

You didn’t find the Academy by accident! 
Be prepared for Ashley to educate, entertain, and equip you with tools for success in business with Chicago Love.

Do you mean to tell me you’re not even a littttttle, eensy, weensy bit curious about what it’s like to be a part of The Berry Patch Academy? 
Well, it feels like the first time you got an order for 5 dozen treats and they allowed you to have creative control! 
But let me tell you this… 
The Berry Patch Academy is 100% risk-free, so even if you check it out and decide that a sweets community with monthly live and guest experts, and over 60 tutorials aren’t the place for you — just cancel. 
No commitment is needed! Come take a peek inside this month!

Bonus Member Perks in the Academy

24 Hour Access to Community:

Have A Question, Need to Vent? Make a post about it. In the Academy, you have 24-hour access to community support! This is the feature all of us need for those late-night orders, or even just for inspiration. You also have access to search the group for topics that may have already been discussed. 

Regular Pro Tips:

Ashley has a passion for all things treats! She is consistently in the Academysharing expertise, how-to’s, and business insight on any given date. Be sure to save these posts and comments of valuable information. 

Monthly Challenges:

This is where you really begin to grow within the Academy. Aside from learning in-class sessions, monthly challenges allow you to grow your mindset of possibilities and exposure to the world. Challenges range from Reels, Personal Development, Social Media Exposure, and Brand Building to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it to the LIVE classes? 

Each class is recorded to access at your leisure. Classes are uploaded to view the next day for viewing. 

Will I have access to previous courses? 

Yes! When you become a member of the Academy, you will receive all courses every month over a 90-day period. This prevents students from being overwhelmed with information and allows the student to absorb and implement the education.

Will I get to interact with Ashley in this group?

Absolutely! Ashley is very active and facilitates the majority of the lessons inside the group. 

How long is my membership?

Exclusive membership to the Berry Patch Academy is on a month-to-month basis. Though we know that once you’re in, you won’t want to leave, we offer a “cancel any time” policy. 

Is there a Facebook group?

We have created an amazing member experience using our own, private platform. At this time, we have decided to operate within this platform instead of Facebook. 

What if I miss a session? 

Not a problem, classes are uploaded the day after class! Found under the Topics area of the member site. You can revisit and replay a lesson as frequently as you’d like. 

Will a class supply list be given?

Definitely! For each class, you are given a written supply list with links to make purchases and mentioned verbally during each class.